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It’s Thanksgiving! Why Do You Need To Thank A Beekeeper?
Posted by June Stoyer on November 22nd, 2011


The Pilgrims Weren’t The Only Ones Traveling To The New World!
Thanksgiving is a special celebration in America in which family and friends gather to enjoy a cornucopia of scrumptious foods. While most people typically give thanks for their friends, family, healthy and good fortune, not many really think about the importance of the honeybee in this celebration. Just like the Pilgrims, the honeybees were also natives of Europe.

What Foods Would YOU Miss If Bees Didn’t Exist?

Did you know that honeybees are also responsible for pollinating ¾ of all of our agricultural crops? When you look around the table this Thanksgiving, think about how many foods such as plums, raspberries, almonds, cherries, apples and pumpkins (favorites, especially for traditional pies).
Thanksgiving cornucopia thanks to bees

How many foods would NOT be available if there were no bees?

Then think about how some of the foods which are consumed by turkeys have been pollinated by bees. Without the honeybee, Thanksgiving would not be the feast that it is. Unfortunately, the honeybee population continues to rapidly decline with the increased number of genetically modified crops combined with systemic pesticides. Thankfully, there are many leaders, educators and activists who are working together to raise awareness and help educate the public about the importance of honeybees in our lives.

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