Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Board meeting - honey time.

National Honey Board to Meet in Denver in February
NHB will hold its February board meeting at the Warwick Hotel in Denver, Feb. 21 and 22. Board meetings are open to the public. For meeting information, please call (303) 776-2337.

National Honey Report for December
The Agricultural Marketing Service has issued the December 2007 National Honey Market Report. http://www.ams.usda.gov/fv/mncs/honey.pdf.
NHB Success Story: Applied Science Product Prototypes Become a Reality with Two New Honey Products on the Market!
For the past two years, NHB has worked to increase honey consumption by identifying and formulating promising honey-based products through its Applied Science program. NHB recently experienced sweet success when two product prototypes, solid honey and honey balsamic vinegar, were launched in the marketplace.

Honey Drop™
In January, Island Abbey Foods Ltd. introduced the Honey Drop™, the first 100% pure, solid honey product. The Honey Drop™ is an individual serving of dried honey without any additives or binding agents, making it a neat and convenient sweetener for hot beverages.

An inventor and entrepreneur, Island Abbey’s John Rowe independently conceived the concept of solid honey in the 1990's. Rowe researched a natural, dried honey product and discovered none existed. Believing such a product would be a convenient form of honey with broad consumer appeal, Rowe began developing production methods.

Separately, prompted by growing interest from food manufacturers in dried honey, NHB initiated development of a solid honey concept on behalf of the U.S. honey industry to optimize the utility of the various forms and styles of honey. The board then prospected for food manufacturers willing to move the concept from ideation to the store shelves and connected with Rowe. The rest of the story is honey history!

The Honey Drop™ comes in two flavors, pure honey and pure honey and lemon, and is packed for both retail and foodservice sales. The Honey Drop™ has a shelf life of one year and contains no artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. For more information, visit www.NoStickyFingers.com.