Wednesday, July 6, 2011

American Bee Association Legislative Committee

ABF ALERT: Migratory Beekeepers Get New H2A Rules

The Labor Department has issued “special procedures” that allow migratory beekeepers to move their H2A workers from state-to-state without having to register them in each state. The new procedures had been requested by the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF).

“This is great news,” said ABF Past President Zac Browning, who had been working for the change for several years. “The old procedure was a real hassle. This gives us much more flexibility in our operations.”

Under the old procedures, migratory beekeepers had to advertise for domestic workers and certify their need for foreign workers in each state where they needed workers. Now, they can make one certification and provide an itinerary showing where the workers will be used.

Browning and other members of the ABF Legislative Committee had maintained constant pressure on the Department to adopt the new procedures, which are similar to those already in place for other employers, such as custom grain harvesters.